About thats.business

The GRENKE Group are inspired everyday by our partners, customers and collaegues. Our reach and connection to companies across the Globe gives us a unique advantage to share ideas, best practice and insight from businesses across our Global community.


thats.business is the international online magazine of the GRENKE Group - by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  


Our focus is on evolution and innovation across the diverse industries, companies and entrepreneurs that we support.  Meet those who choose GRENKE as a trusted financial partner, gain insight on some of the industries that we support and take what you need to help your own businesses flourish. thats.business has a mission: to show how creative, diverse and expanding the business world is. We are guaranteed never to run out of stories.


So who is behind the workings of thats.business?


GRENKE - the financial partner for global SMEs, with three business areas leasing, banking, factoring across 33 countries.


Behind thats.business are more than a dozen editors, designers, photographers and programmers worldwide. They all have one thing in common: the desire to curate engaging content, catalogue the talent within the businesses which we support and and make a positive impact on business owners across the Globe.


Did we succeed? Wish talk to us: contact us via [email protected] - we look forward to hearing your story.